refund policy


    Please open your package immediately upon delivery to verify all parts  Should anything need attention, contact our support team as soon as possible via our help center or by emailing  

    REPORTING WINDOW - 30 days for reporting issues, missing parts, or concerns

    • We have a 30-day window to report any issues with the delivery of your package. 
    • You are welcome to reach out with any issue after that window has passed, but you may be held responsible for the costs associated with the correction.  

    RETURN WINDOW  - 90-day return window

    • If you find that the light does not work for you, your space, or your services and would like to return your light you may do so within 90 days after delivery.  
    • The 90-day window begins on your delivery day, even if you did not open the box or use your light for weeks, months, or years later. 
    • You may be responsible for all shipping and handling fees. 


    • To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, undamaged, in its original packaging, and with all original parts placed in the correct foam inserts. Damage caused to the light from failure to follow these requirements will result in a deduction from the return or a rejected return. You will need proof of purchase, as we can only accept returns under the original purchaser.  If you received a product as a gift, we would need the original purchaser's information to verify the purchase and process the return. We cannot accept returns of an after-sale from the original owner to a new buyer. 


    • Customers may be responsible for shipping returns, exchanges, parts, address changes, cancellations, and order reroutes. 
    • Taking orders outside the current shipping zones voids warranties, and guarantees, and violates our Shipping Policy and Terms and Conditions as agreed upon during checkout. 
    • Terms and Conditions and our Policies apply at all times. See our Terms and Conditions and our Shipping Policy for additional details.